Advice, Assistance, & Referrals

RACDC offers advice and referrals for people looking for supportive services, housing options, and energy efficient housing upgrades. For example, we help people look for affordable home ownership to learn more about energy efficient and net zero home options, subsidy, incentive, and financing options.

RACDC owns and/or manages Affordable Housing and Affordable Senior Housing properties in Randolph. If you are looking for housing please contact us by email or by phone to set up an appointment so we can make sure you are in a home that is fit for you or your family.

We strive to upgrade housing with energy efficient heating, cooling, and building standards to make sure our residents and the Randolph Area has low cost utility bills. Our partnership with Efficiency Vermont continues to allow us to help home and business owners get help making their homes or rentals safer, more affordable, and more comfortable. Please contact us if you are interested in upgrading your home to become more energy efficient.