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2023 Annual Report

Thank You Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

RACDC Offices are graciously hosted by Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Explore the Flood Plain Forest

RACDC maintains the Randolph Floodplain Forest

Supporting Local Business

RACDC provides grants and resources to local entrepreneurs.

Elder Housing with Dignity

RACDC sponsors Support And Services At Home (SASH) for local seniors.

Building Community

RACDC produces Community Events and Neighborhood Fellowship

Providing Affordable Homes

RACDC Provides Affordable Housing for 200 Vermonters

What's New

RACDC 2023 Annual Meeting

Join us for our 2023 Annual Meeting Thursday October 19, 2023. Randolph House, 65 N. Main Street (ENTER AND PARK ON PRINCE STREET) Schedule: 5:00PM Refreshments & Exhibits 6:00PM Membership Meeting 6:30PM Awards 7:00PM Keynote Keynote Speaker: Julie Campoli Author of Made for Walking: Density and Neighborhood Form, and co-author of Visualizing Density, and Above and Beyond: Visualizing Change in Small Towns and Rural Areas.

Boston Federal Reserve Bank comes to Randolph House

Photo courtesy of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Randolph House was happy to welcome President Susan Collins and other visiting staff with the Boston Federal Reserve bank this past Wednesday to meet with the White River Valley Collaborative, a group of organizations responding to regional housing issues under the Fed’s Working Community Challenge program and a grant from the State of Vermont. A resident of Randolph House, described his own experiences living in this community and the importance of affordable housing to his life. In his own words he described how Randolph House helped him. When, he had to close his businesses due to health issues. “My life changed drastically. I’ve been able to become part of the community here,” he said. “I continually deal with my health issues, but I feel hope and support in knowing I’m not alone.” To read more about this gathering click here. 


Join Our Team

See available position(s) below: 

Joslyn House Supportive Service Provider

Respond with your interest and experience or resume to personnel@racdc.com or by calling 802-728-4305.
RACDC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome all who have interest to apply!




Ann Howard RACDC SASH Coordinator interview

We interviewed our very own SASH coordinator, click to link to read her interview

Lindsay Haupt Motio Recreation Interview

We interviewed Lindsay Haupt, click the link to read more

Chelsie Brown Wee Bird Bagel Cafe Interview

We interviewed Chelsie Brown of Weebird Bagel Cafe, click the link to read more.


Upcoming Community Events

Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 10:00am

Drop in to play a board or card game! Bring a friend or come solo. Different game options will be available each week, several options for all ages. Requests welcomed. New and experienced players are welcome. 

Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 1:30pm

Visit sensationalbaby.com to learn more: For babies, 6 weeks to 12 months.Space is limited! To register / for information, contact April Murray: 585-233-4106, [email protected].

Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Robbery: Punk Rock exorcists from Montpelier, Vermont. Loud, fast, and relatable https://robberypunks.bandcamp.com Kennedy Park: Punk / Post-Hardcore / Shoegaze https://kennedyparkvt.bandcamp.com Burn Kit: Indie / Post-punk https://www.instagram.com/burnkitband Violet Crimes: Punk Rock / Melodic...

Sunday, February 25, 2024 - 7:00pm

Giselle is a French ballet hit, a dramatic tale of love that comes to life with musical motives of the classic Adolphe Adan. The legend tells the story of the Wilis, the spirits of maidens who died after being betrayed by their lovers. Unable to withstand the betrayal, the girls died and turned...

Monday, February 26, 2024 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Are you looking to sustain, maintain, or grow your business? Building on our first session on law for startups, this legal information session will be helpful for Randolph-area businesses that have launched and are anticipating their next steps. A panel of faculty and students from the Vermont...

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