Business Advice, Assistance, and Referrals

RACDC helps business owners and building owners identify and connect with the services, loans, grants, and efficiency incentives they need to create or expand their business. We also work with state and other organizations and make referrals for services that can help prepare existing business owners or building entrepreneurs to learn more about available resources and to plan for success.

RACDC administers Randolph’s Designated Downtown Program, which makes business and building owners within the downtown and village districts eligible to compete for downtown tax credits. The Downtown Tax Credit Program provides matching funding for capital improvements, such as sprinklers, elevators, code improvements and telecommunications upgrades, and can match federal historic tax credits.

RACDC also administers a small business loan fund, the Heart of Vermont Enterprise Revolving Fund . Eligible loans include business start-up or expansion, capital improvements, purchase of buildings or business assets, job creation and in some cases, working capital. RACDC works with other lenders to streamline the application and closing process when a business can’t obtain funding from one source alone. If you have questions, or wish to discuss your ideas, please contact us by email or by phone at (802)-728-4305 to set up a call or in-person appointment. Discussions are discrete and confidential.

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